The Truth About Why I Love Potatoes Adaptation

The Truth About Why I Love Lemons

For HHS Marching Band Lemon Gang


Of every fruit you find in the refrigerator

they’re the most different from the rest:

vibrant yellow hills blanketing the pale swamp 

of the flesh inside; Lemonade perfect for protection

to keep you cool from hot summer days;

the rinds perfect for putting under 

Tea light candles to brighten up the room. 


I guess I forgot to mention how much I used to love taking the slices from restaurant water glasses and

sucking at the sour juices so it seemed that I 

had it with my water. Now children

Do the same thing too, but usually don’t eat them. 

If a lemon were able to be a person,

I’m afraid they wouldn’t be seen as a good             friend. They would be misunderstood

and you wouldn’t have learned how they are: kind      and caring, independent and shy.

On dry afternoons after school, they would make you

laugh with a sour joke. When you were feeling lonely

they would be the one who was right beside you

Because they feel that way too.


In some place they’re abundant, but near you, very rare, a sparkling gem waiting to be found

snuggled between the oranges and grapefruit.


If one thing were to be true, I’d want my legacy 

to be just like a lemon. Not afraid to be themselves. Unique and part of a collective at the same time. 

You’d have to search among all the citrus but then you’d be glad you didn’t pass it by. Maybe after you were finished, something in you

that had been sour for a long time

Wouldn’t feel so alone anymore.

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