Free Write Piece

Wii Bowling

Wii bowling seems such a trivial thing

Out of date, out of style

Something you haven’t played for a while 


At the time, it was so sophisticated, so real

But now… it sits on the back of a shelf

With a game system no longer in use


But not for all 

Somewhere somehow 

On the outskirts of a small town

There is a boy in a townhome, 

Clinging to this game system.

That no longer has games released, 

And plays knock off racing games 

Using it’s mandatory tilt controls to beat it.


And sometimes a girl, 

His neighbor, his friend 

Will stop by to play with him.

Not to race as Sonic or his friends 

But to get totally crushed by three turkeys

And two spares at the ends.


They go on messing eachother up 

Both hoping the other would slip up.


But she knows it’s futile 

For she’s never won


But that’s until they switch 

To ping pong 1 v 1…

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