A Flash Fiction Piece

Kaye wakes up, reaches her arms as far as they go, letting out a huge breath of air. Today was the day, Kaye and her best friend had a flight late that evening for their first ever vacation with just the two of them. Getting out of bed she trudged her feet over to the bathroom. Once in the shower she lets the cool water drip and fall over her body as she lathered it with soap. After brushing her teeth she grabs a comfy outfit to slip on. As she was finally pulling the t-shirt over her head she heard a dull trilling sound. It was her ringtone… but where was her phone? Lifting her blanket, pajamas to see where it went. But only when she lifted up her damp towel did her phone finally bounce into sight. It was Becky calling. 


“What took you so long to pick up? You knew I was calling right!?? You couldn’t have forgotten. Please don’t tell me that you forgot and that you just got out of bed and you’re totally not ready for me… cuz I would just freak” the words came stumbling out of her mouth like an ever quickening waterfall. 

“Of course not Becks, my phone was dust buried under my towel. You do see my wet hair don’t you…”

“My god after all these years I still do not know how you can take morning showers!! Anyways… What outfits are we going to like… pack?” 

“We can start by picking outfits for the events we have planned then a few extras for any unforeseen circumstances.” 

“Riiight right don’t want to be caught without a fit for whenever something goes wrong.” She pauses for a moment and then adds in a teasing tone, “Or very very right!” 

“That’s all you Beck… so what do we have planned?” 

“First is the post-flight relaxing day on the beach. Oh. My. Gosh. Kaye– we totally need to wear our matching pink and purple bikinis!!!!”

The two of them go back and forth matching and planning for swapping clothes as they match their wardrobe to their island itinerary. Picking bathing suits, dresses, shorts and every combo imaginable. Going through their weeklong vacation full of tiki parties, beach days, and plenty of island fun. 

“Okaaaaaay, we packed clothes for just in case it rains, we accidentally light something on fire at a tiki party, jackets in case it gets cold at night aaaaand something to impress a guy but can be left there in case of a need for a quick exit. Anything else?”

“Yes Kaye! You’re forgetting the most fun thing we have planned.” 

“And what would that be..?”

“The inland wildlife island safari tour that will t o t a l l y be led by a cute island teen our age who grew up there!!”

“I’m not sure you can guarantee that someone like that will be leading the tour but alright, what are we gonna wear?”

“How about a neutral fit mostly in the brown and taupe color range…?”

“Waitwaitwaitwaitwait. We’ve been friends for how long? And you are suggesting that we wear brown…”

“Uh yea it’s a safari, what other color are we supposed to wear?” 

“You should know about my life long antipathy for wearing the color brown!!!”

“Riiiiight your deep rooted and tragic childhood angst with the color brown…. when someone made fun of you.”

“Yes! The color brown really should not be worn. It’s the least I can do to honor the childhood version of me that wore every color of the rainbow every day.”

“Oh yea like you want to honor that fashion disaster…” 

“Look I tried, alright? I attempted wearing brown back in sophomore year, you remember? It was terrible!”

“That part is true, that month so many people were pissed at you. You were like a totally different person. So mean and not in a chill way…”

“Right! So can you please just trust me and wear some olive green..?”

“Alright! But just cuz I don’t wanna ruin this vacay… we will work on your brown issue another time.”

After the whole brown debacle, Kaye called an uber, picked up Becky and they rode to the airport, without trace of the odd argument from earlier. 

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