Screenwriting Exercise

The Scene: The bell rings and you and a friend are having a discussion as you leave class. When you get into the hallway you realize that everyone has turned into zombies. 

GIRL I know right, it’s like they don’t even think about other people, right Johnny? 

She pauses and looks over to her friend who seems frozen in fright. 

GIRL [CONT’D] …Johnny

JOHNNY  L-l-look 

He slowly raises his hand and points to the end of the hall.

GIRL: W-what are those… 

She pulls her glasses down from the top of her head. 

GIRL They look like- [CONT’D with hesitation] like …zombies.

JOHNNY that’s be-because they p-probably …are

GIRL Well you can’t just stand there or they’ll see you! 

She starts tugging on his elbow to a door across the hall. 

GIRL [CONT’D] Come on Johnny! We have to go!

With one final yank he snaps out of his ‘trance’ and heads with her to the door.

JOHNNY Wait Katie, why are you taking me into the girls bathroom..?

KATIE Just come on… We can’t stay here in a hallway full of zombies right? So the best thing is to come up with a plan. 

JOHNNY A-alright… 

They enter the long, thin bathroom, sinks and mirrors on the left, stalls on the right.

JOHNNY [CONT’D] but why the girls bathroom?

KATIE For one, I know where this leads, and the doors lock so we can wait here if we need to. 

JOHNNY nods along to KATIE’s plan, as she is checking the stalls for any others.

KATIE [CONT’D] Second, the door on that end of the bathrooms opens up on the opposite side of this hallway which happens to be (A) where my locker is and (B) right by the cafeteria. So if we can get to my locker, I have my marching band bag in there and we can grab anything else we might need to make makeshift weapons, and then we can go to the cafeteria, contact as many people as we can to get there, and then block off all the doors and windows with the tables, we just have to fold them up like they do at dances, and if we need to block out holes we can use trash bags, because I should have enough tape for that. 

By this point, they are standing by the door and  KATIE has finished explaining this all to him. 

JOHNNY okay.. I will admit that the cafeteria idea is pretty smart, but why would we need your marching band bag…?

KATIE I’m in the color guard remember? I have a couple flags and other things that can be turned into both short range and long range weapons. Plus we’d need to go to my locker anyways because I have a bunch of portable chargers I left in there that I want to make sure is on full charge in case the power goes out. 

JOHNNY Alright, makes sense. 

KATIE okay let’s do this!

They open up the door and it fades to black.

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