The Importance Of…

The importance of change:

Of accepting and moving on.

And of being open to new ideas and meeting new people. 


The importance of being positive:

Of not letting anxieties get to me.

And of being the light that shines through.


The importance of perseverance:

Of staying strong and standing my ground.

And of pushing through the hard times that come my way. 


The importance of being creative:

Of never losing that spark.

And of always making something new.


The importance of growth:

Of believing in how far I’ve come.

And of remembering who I was and being proud of who I am. 


The importance of being confident: 

Of knowing I can make it.

And of knowing I have support and people who believe in me.


The importance of humility:

Of being aware when I make mistakes.

And of righting wrongs and being honest.


The importance of being me.

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