The Importance Of…

The importance of change:

Of accepting and moving on.

And of being open to new ideas and meeting new people. 


The importance of being positive:

Of not letting anxieties get to me.

And of being the light that shines through.


The importance of perseverance:

Of staying strong and standing my ground.

And of pushing through the hard times that come my way. 


The importance of being creative:

Of never losing that spark.

And of always making something new.


The importance of growth:

Of believing in how far I’ve come.

And of remembering who I was and being proud of who I am. 


The importance of being confident: 

Of knowing I can make it.

And of knowing I have support and people who believe in me.


The importance of humility:

Of being aware when I make mistakes.

And of righting wrongs and being honest.


The importance of being me.

Screenwriting Exercise

The Scene: The bell rings and you and a friend are having a discussion as you leave class. When you get into the hallway you realize that everyone has turned into zombies. 

GIRL I know right, it’s like they don’t even think about other people, right Johnny? 

She pauses and looks over to her friend who seems frozen in fright. 

GIRL [CONT’D] …Johnny

JOHNNY  L-l-look 

He slowly raises his hand and points to the end of the hall.

GIRL: W-what are those… 

She pulls her glasses down from the top of her head. 

GIRL They look like- [CONT’D with hesitation] like …zombies.

JOHNNY that’s be-because they p-probably …are

GIRL Well you can’t just stand there or they’ll see you! 

She starts tugging on his elbow to a door across the hall. 

GIRL [CONT’D] Come on Johnny! We have to go!

With one final yank he snaps out of his ‘trance’ and heads with her to the door.

JOHNNY Wait Katie, why are you taking me into the girls bathroom..?

KATIE Just come on… We can’t stay here in a hallway full of zombies right? So the best thing is to come up with a plan. 

JOHNNY A-alright… 

They enter the long, thin bathroom, sinks and mirrors on the left, stalls on the right.

JOHNNY [CONT’D] but why the girls bathroom?

KATIE For one, I know where this leads, and the doors lock so we can wait here if we need to. 

JOHNNY nods along to KATIE’s plan, as she is checking the stalls for any others.

KATIE [CONT’D] Second, the door on that end of the bathrooms opens up on the opposite side of this hallway which happens to be (A) where my locker is and (B) right by the cafeteria. So if we can get to my locker, I have my marching band bag in there and we can grab anything else we might need to make makeshift weapons, and then we can go to the cafeteria, contact as many people as we can to get there, and then block off all the doors and windows with the tables, we just have to fold them up like they do at dances, and if we need to block out holes we can use trash bags, because I should have enough tape for that. 

By this point, they are standing by the door and  KATIE has finished explaining this all to him. 

JOHNNY okay.. I will admit that the cafeteria idea is pretty smart, but why would we need your marching band bag…?

KATIE I’m in the color guard remember? I have a couple flags and other things that can be turned into both short range and long range weapons. Plus we’d need to go to my locker anyways because I have a bunch of portable chargers I left in there that I want to make sure is on full charge in case the power goes out. 

JOHNNY Alright, makes sense. 

KATIE okay let’s do this!

They open up the door and it fades to black.

A Flash Fiction Piece

Kaye wakes up, reaches her arms as far as they go, letting out a huge breath of air. Today was the day, Kaye and her best friend had a flight late that evening for their first ever vacation with just the two of them. Getting out of bed she trudged her feet over to the bathroom. Once in the shower she lets the cool water drip and fall over her body as she lathered it with soap. After brushing her teeth she grabs a comfy outfit to slip on. As she was finally pulling the t-shirt over her head she heard a dull trilling sound. It was her ringtone… but where was her phone? Lifting her blanket, pajamas to see where it went. But only when she lifted up her damp towel did her phone finally bounce into sight. It was Becky calling. 


“What took you so long to pick up? You knew I was calling right!?? You couldn’t have forgotten. Please don’t tell me that you forgot and that you just got out of bed and you’re totally not ready for me… cuz I would just freak” the words came stumbling out of her mouth like an ever quickening waterfall. 

“Of course not Becks, my phone was dust buried under my towel. You do see my wet hair don’t you…”

“My god after all these years I still do not know how you can take morning showers!! Anyways… What outfits are we going to like… pack?” 

“We can start by picking outfits for the events we have planned then a few extras for any unforeseen circumstances.” 

“Riiight right don’t want to be caught without a fit for whenever something goes wrong.” She pauses for a moment and then adds in a teasing tone, “Or very very right!” 

“That’s all you Beck… so what do we have planned?” 

“First is the post-flight relaxing day on the beach. Oh. My. Gosh. Kaye– we totally need to wear our matching pink and purple bikinis!!!!”

The two of them go back and forth matching and planning for swapping clothes as they match their wardrobe to their island itinerary. Picking bathing suits, dresses, shorts and every combo imaginable. Going through their weeklong vacation full of tiki parties, beach days, and plenty of island fun. 

“Okaaaaaay, we packed clothes for just in case it rains, we accidentally light something on fire at a tiki party, jackets in case it gets cold at night aaaaand something to impress a guy but can be left there in case of a need for a quick exit. Anything else?”

“Yes Kaye! You’re forgetting the most fun thing we have planned.” 

“And what would that be..?”

“The inland wildlife island safari tour that will t o t a l l y be led by a cute island teen our age who grew up there!!”

“I’m not sure you can guarantee that someone like that will be leading the tour but alright, what are we gonna wear?”

“How about a neutral fit mostly in the brown and taupe color range…?”

“Waitwaitwaitwaitwait. We’ve been friends for how long? And you are suggesting that we wear brown…”

“Uh yea it’s a safari, what other color are we supposed to wear?” 

“You should know about my life long antipathy for wearing the color brown!!!”

“Riiiiight your deep rooted and tragic childhood angst with the color brown…. when someone made fun of you.”

“Yes! The color brown really should not be worn. It’s the least I can do to honor the childhood version of me that wore every color of the rainbow every day.”

“Oh yea like you want to honor that fashion disaster…” 

“Look I tried, alright? I attempted wearing brown back in sophomore year, you remember? It was terrible!”

“That part is true, that month so many people were pissed at you. You were like a totally different person. So mean and not in a chill way…”

“Right! So can you please just trust me and wear some olive green..?”

“Alright! But just cuz I don’t wanna ruin this vacay… we will work on your brown issue another time.”

After the whole brown debacle, Kaye called an uber, picked up Becky and they rode to the airport, without trace of the odd argument from earlier. 

Poem Inspired By the Style of Emily Dickinson

In the end — 

What we hold dear —

Is our knowledge.

It is our knowledge —

That defines — 

our world. 

Our world can be defined —

By what we know —

Of raindrops and sunlight.

And yet there is still —

The things we don’t know —

We know that we don’t know calculus and dark matter.

But what if there was more–

The things that we don’t know we are missing–

What is beyond our realm of knowledge.

Once Sentence Poem

Her day was occupied by paints, pencils and people.


The goal was to create a functioning poem in only one sentence, and I did that. But even so, not every poem is perfect. So below is what I pictured this one sentence poem would be if I had expanded upon it.


Her life wasn’t complicated.

She had the things that pleased her. 

Her day was occupied by paints, pencils and people.

She created and made.

And in the end she spent time with her family. 

She was content in her life.

Because her day was occupied by pains, pencils and people.

Free Write Piece

Wii Bowling

Wii bowling seems such a trivial thing

Out of date, out of style

Something you haven’t played for a while 


At the time, it was so sophisticated, so real

But now… it sits on the back of a shelf

With a game system no longer in use


But not for all 

Somewhere somehow 

On the outskirts of a small town

There is a boy in a townhome, 

Clinging to this game system.

That no longer has games released, 

And plays knock off racing games 

Using it’s mandatory tilt controls to beat it.


And sometimes a girl, 

His neighbor, his friend 

Will stop by to play with him.

Not to race as Sonic or his friends 

But to get totally crushed by three turkeys

And two spares at the ends.


They go on messing eachother up 

Both hoping the other would slip up.


But she knows it’s futile 

For she’s never won


But that’s until they switch 

To ping pong 1 v 1…

Poem Inspired by Sara Teasdale

There Will Come Soft Bustling

There will come soft bustling and the smell of the town, 

And shops stirring with their scintillating sound;


And people in the parks swinging at night,

And wild children in tantrum whine


Students will wear their school saturation

Partying their pants off  holding a glass covered in condensation. 


And not one will know of the pandemic, not one 

Will quarantine at last when it is done. 


Not one would mind, neither city nor country, 

If the virus disappeared utterly 


And Humanity themselves when they woke at dawn,

Would scarcely know that millions were gone.

Find the original here:

In My Next Life Adaptation

In My Next Life

I will own a cottage warm 

as eyes of fire 

and roam the deep woods 

of the forest just past a village.

In my next life I will bake some bread, 

and enjoy the floury scent 

of the air as I run our bakery 

and settle down with relief 

by its register.

I’ll be a whiz at fashion, master five or six

new creative skills,  be carefree 

like the grandparents in movies always say. 

In my next life I won’t lie awake 

wondering why I hate the way I am.

I’ll still be fun and outgoing, but true 

and empathetic.


I will find you again

and again–just like this time

The Truth About Why I Love Potatoes Adaptation

The Truth About Why I Love Lemons

For HHS Marching Band Lemon Gang


Of every fruit you find in the refrigerator

they’re the most different from the rest:

vibrant yellow hills blanketing the pale swamp 

of the flesh inside; Lemonade perfect for protection

to keep you cool from hot summer days;

the rinds perfect for putting under 

Tea light candles to brighten up the room. 


I guess I forgot to mention how much I used to love taking the slices from restaurant water glasses and

sucking at the sour juices so it seemed that I 

had it with my water. Now children

Do the same thing too, but usually don’t eat them. 

If a lemon were able to be a person,

I’m afraid they wouldn’t be seen as a good             friend. They would be misunderstood

and you wouldn’t have learned how they are: kind      and caring, independent and shy.

On dry afternoons after school, they would make you

laugh with a sour joke. When you were feeling lonely

they would be the one who was right beside you

Because they feel that way too.


In some place they’re abundant, but near you, very rare, a sparkling gem waiting to be found

snuggled between the oranges and grapefruit.


If one thing were to be true, I’d want my legacy 

to be just like a lemon. Not afraid to be themselves. Unique and part of a collective at the same time. 

You’d have to search among all the citrus but then you’d be glad you didn’t pass it by. Maybe after you were finished, something in you

that had been sour for a long time

Wouldn’t feel so alone anymore.

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